2017 OSSANZ Conference


OSSANZ Conference 2017


2017 OSSANZ Conference was held at the Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre, Adelaide, Australia on the 4-6 October 2017.



OSSANZ Board Members


George Hopkins - Committee Member, OSSANZ
George Hopkins
Past President
Obesity Surgery Brisbane
Ahmad Alv - Committee Member, OSSANZ
Ahmad Aly
Darebin Weight Loss Surgery
Samuel Baker - Committee Member, OSSANZ
Samuel Baker
Committee Member
North Queensland Obesity
Surgery Centre
Michael Talbot - Committee Member, OSSANZ
Michael Talbot
Committee Member
Upper GI Surgery Surgery
Jon Morrow - Observer, OSSANZ
Jon Morrow
Committee Member
Morrow Surgical
Jeff Hamdorf - Committee Member, OSSANZ
Jeff Hamdorf
Committee Member
Bariatrics Australia Research Centre
Jacom Chisolm - Committee Mamber, OSSANZ
Jacob Chisolm
Committee Member
Adelaide Bariatric Centre
Jon Morrow - Committee Member, OSSANZ
Steve Kelly
Committee Member
Surgical Associates
Reza Adib - Committee Member, OSSANZ
Reza Adib
Committee Member
Brisbane Obesity Clinic
Associate Members: 
Narelle Story  - Nurse Representative, OSSANZ
Narelle Story
Nurse Representative
(non voting)
Libbie McBride - Dietitian Representative, OSSANZ
Libby McBride

Dietitian Representative
(non voting)
Tony Brancatisano - GP Representative, OSSANZ
Tony Brancatisano
GP Representative
(non voting)