2017 OSSANZ Conference


OSSANZ Conference 2017


2017 OSSANZ Conference was held at the Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre, Adelaide, Australia on the 4-6 October 2017.



Medical Professionals - OSSANZ Recognised Post-fellowship Posts Bariatric Surgery

Recognising that there is a potential need for a more formalised approach to post-fellowship bariatric training, OSSANZ have adopted the following strategy:

  • Recognition of positions that offer post-fellowship bariatric surgery training according to the OSSANZ standards, based upon RACS  training standards
  • Collaborative involvement with ANZGOSA training posts
  • Recognised post-fellowship positions will be advertised on the OSSANZ website and Surgical News
  • Interested fellows will apply directly to, and be appointed by, the institution
  • OSSANZ will offer workshops to fellows throughout the year covering:
    • Basic and advanced surgical skills
    • Assessment and management of bariatric surgical patients
    • Management of complications of bariatric surgery
    • Presentation skills

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